Who should attend?

Who should attend?  And Why? 

Attendees are from a variety of industries dealing with Real Estate directly or indirectly.
Such participants include:
  1. Employees of various Real Estate companies:   Sales Agents, Property Managers, Appraisers, 
  2. Banks Employees dealing with real estate clients, Appraisal Department
  3. Government official dealing with the public for real estate matters.
  4. Investors’ Consultants, and
  5. Individuals who are seeking a new career in Real Estate.

Why should you attend these Programs?

  1. Employees of Real Estate Companies
  2. New and current agents and their managers will learn more to organize their local businesses and gain recognition, credibility and customers trust across global platforms.
  3. Government officials: Participants will learn how they can organize their departments and the local industry; evaluate the brokers’ education to acquire before licensing.
  4. Individuals: Who are seeking a new career in real estate will gain the consultancy approach to practice professionally the real estate business up to the international standards, and learning the involvement in acquiring any property anywhere in the local, regional, and international market.
  5. Bank Employees: Dealing with real estate clients, in order to understand different approaches for their Real Estate Needs.
  6. Investors’ Consultants: Will learn how to deal, treat and persuade the current and future investors (who are highly educated nowadays) to the right investment, and confidently promise a great ROI.

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