Feasibility Studies

American Institute of Real Estate’s consultancy division will help investors & developers draw a road map plan for their investment through a comprehensive feasibility studies. 
A project is feasible once physically possible, legally feasible, and financially profitable. This can be part of other important steps accompanied with it, such as:  
  1. Due diligence DD:  is the process of many data collection and investigation for a real estate project, with a certain standard of care as a pre requisite prior to completing the project’s pre-feasibility study.
  2. The feasibility study: is precedent by a pre-feasibility analysis of the data & information received from DD and proposes many suggestions for the projects in regards to its Highest and Best Use (HB), which is the foundation in place for the feasibility study that will  include three broad analysis: 
    1. Market analysis, 
    2. Property analysis 
    3. Financial analysis.
  3. Risk management plan and assessment, that will be prepared to foresee risks, estimate impacts, define responses to issues and risk assessment matrix.

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