Real Estate Investment Analysis

Each investment syndicate has certain objective that may vary from one group to another, depending on their projects. In order to help our investors achieved their goals, American Institute Investment consultation services focuses on:

  1. Evaluating Investors Plan,
  2. Minimizing Risk,
  3. Maximizing Return and Wealth
  4. Protecting and Growing the Investment

Thru a unique developed system based on the chain of services, including but not limited to:

  1. Strategic Planning Process "SPP” 
  2. Financial Planning 
  3. Feasibility Studies "FS” 
  4. Due Diligence "DD” 
  5. Site selection Analysis & Acquisition "SSA” 
  6. Development Management Plan "DMP” 
  7. Property Disposition steps "PD” 
  8. Risk Analysis "RA” 

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