Companies’ Structuring or Re-Structuring

American Institute of real estate (AMIN) is helping Companies structuring and Restructuring its departments thru the following phases: Assess Current Situation-Analysis / Proposed Organizational Development/ Staff Analysis/ staff Training.

Accordingly a company success is measured by the four pillars of Management (4Ps): Team, Time, Cost and Quality that lead to the necessity to build a customized harmony system between the 4Ps for healthy working environment in order to increase productivity and achieve dual satisfactions of employees and customers. 

Consequently Building your unique Management System is our #1 priority, focusing on building a strong team accompanied with necessary tools to enhance their skills in all the divisions of your real estate departments thru innovative Management system, by Integration, Implementation & Development of the system in addition to the best of Quality Assurance to support all departments’ functions

And when it comes to untraditional Solutions, AMIN’s experts strive to find you the right customized Keys to reach company’s goals.

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