About Us

Who are we? What do we do? And why going internationally?

American Institute of Real Estate (AMIN) is a Professional Institute - Education Provider- which is offering a variety of Educational and Consultation services to Real Estate Agents, Brokers, Education organization and companies as well as to other Association and Government Authorities and their employees throughout the World.
Our International Services are now expanded for many reasons and concerns those are rising up due to hundreds of billions of dollars are invested in the real estate market worldwide.
  1. who will Establish and run Real Estate Professional Companies up to the international standards? Companies like Professional Brokerage, Investment, Appraisal and Property Management Companies.
  2. Who is going to fulfill the future needs of Hundreds of Jobs in the real estate industry worldwide as well as in the Gulf area?
Consequently establishing a Real Estate Business and putting a sign with real estate name is by no means like opening a grocery store anymore in some International Markets and especially in the Gulf Markets!!!

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